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Lotus Exige Cup 430

Blends the extreme with the sublime


The ultimate Exige experience. Chargecooled for a consistent 430bhp and capable of generating 171 kg of downforce, this is the road and track weapon to rule them all. The radical aero package is not for show. The Exige Cup 430 generates as much downforce at 100 mph as the Exige Sport 350 does at 170 mph. Weighing just over 1110kg with a full tank of fuel, the power-to-weight ratio hits a staggering 387 bhp per ton. With 440 Nm (325 lb ft) of torque from 4,000 rpm, 0-60mph is blitzed in 3.2 seconds on the way to a top speed of 174 mph (278 km/h). A new ultra-lightweight front clam with unique carbon fibre ducts has wider radiator apertures to improve cooling, while a new front splitter and air curtain design help reduce drag and generate 76kg of downforce. This is balanced by a large, high-mounted, straight profile, motorsport wing and aluminium diffuser, combining to generate a further 95kg of downforce at the rear.


The carbon fibre panels are stunning quality and motorsport-grade. They include the front splitter, front access panel, roof, diffuser surround, enlarged air-intake side pods, one-piece tailgate and race derived rear wing. Scratch the surface of the Cup’s capabilities, and you’ll find its motorsport-derived credentials. In addition to revised steering arm geometry (to increase bump steer) handling characteristics can be altered via Nitron three-way adjustable dampers (high and low speed compression plus rebound adjustment) and Eibach adjustable front and rear anti-roll bars, both as standard. Run a firm, aggressive set-up on track and dial it back for the journey home. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres (215/45 ZR17 front and 285/30 ZR18 rear) are fitted to ultra-lightweight forged alloy wheels, available in red, black or silver at no extra cost. The faster the car, the better the brakes need to be. With forged, four-piston AP Racing brake calipers and higher thermal capacity two-piece, J-hook brake discs front and rear, the system is designed to give improved bite and reduced vibration, delivering consistent pedal feel and fade-free stopping power lap after lap. The Exige Cup 430 comes race ready with a strong T45 steel roll over bar, new seatbelt anchorage frame (saving 1.2 kg), a Lithium-Ion battery, baffled sump and front towing eye. Add the optional electrical cut-off and plumbed-in fire extinguisher and you are only a roll cage away from entering officially sanctioned motorsport events.


To transfer the monstrous 430 bhp and 440 Nm to the gearbox, a new 240 mm diameter clutch has been fitted, increasing the clutch surface area by 11%. With a high-flow, 10kg lighter titanium exhaust system as standard, the Cup 430 sounds like no other Exige at speed. An expression of pure mechanical fury, the titanium tail pipe emits a feral howl that can wake the dead. Motorsport-derived variable traction control, linked directly to the ECU, helps maximize traction on corner exit by managing the giant surge of torque. The six-position rotary switch is located on the steering column. Only active with ESP switched to ‘off’, five pre-set traction levels (1%, 3%, 6%, 9%, 12% slip) as well as “off” are displayed via the instrument cluster.



seconds 0 – 100 km/h









g/km CO2

Technical Specifications


Type – 3.5 litre V6, 24-valve, water cooled, all aluminium engine, with Edelbrock supercharger and charger cooler
Displacement – 3456cc
Max. power – 320 kW @ 7000 rpm
Max. torque – 440 Nm @ 6800 rpm
Power-to-weight – 288 W/kg


Gearbox – 6-speed manual transmission, with gearbox cooler, coupled to Lotus’ precision shift aluminium mechanism
Lotus-developed Dynamic Performance Management control
Lightweight, single-mass, low inertia fly wheel
Baffled sump
Titanium exhaust system


Top Speed – 282 km/h
Acceleration – 0-100 km/h 3.4 s
Power to weight ratio – 275 W/kg


Body – Anodised, lightweight aluminium, extruded, epoxy bonded and riveted high-stiffness chassis
Unequal length, lightweight steel double wishbone suspension (front)
Unequal length, lightweight forged aluminium, double wishbone suspension (rear)
Lotus-tuned, Nitron three-way dampers, adjustable for rebound (24 click adjustment settings) and low speed compression (24 click adjustment settings) and high speed compression (16 click adjustment settings) and Nitron springs
Nitron coil springs, front and rear


Steering System – Solidly mounted, mechanical rack and pinion
Brake System – AP Racing four-piston calipers
Brake Callipers – Red painted with black AP Racing logo
Performance Aids – Hydraulic Brake Assist [HBA]
Performance Aids – Electronic Brake Distribution [EBD]
Performance Aids – Cornering Brake Control [CBC]
Performance Aids – Driver selectable ESP modes – Drive/Sport/Race/Off


Wheels – Silver or black Lotus designed, ultra-lightweight, fully machined, forged aluminium wheels [17″ front and 18″ rear]
Tyres – Front Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 215/45 ZR17
Tyres – Rear Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 285/30 ZR18


Length – 4,084mm
Width – 1,802mm
Height – 1,129mm
Weight – 1,110kg
Fuel Tank Capacity – 40 litres


Fuel Consumption l/100 km:
Low 16.8
Medium 9.9
High 8.5
Extra high 9.4
Combined 10.2
CO2 Emissions (combined) – 230 g/km


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